Healthy Tips

Healthy Eating Tips for Family:
    • Don't skip Breakfast
    • Keep healthy snack within reach
    • Watch your portions
    • Eat as a Family
    • Keep family meals media-free
Healthy Eating Tips for women:
    • Eat Iron rich foods like chicken, pork, fish, spinach, lentils, beans.
    • Try fortified cereals with fruits on top
    • Eat foods rich in folate and folic acid (Like oranges, leafy green vegetables, peas etc) during your reproductive years
    • Eat calcium rich foods (milk, yoghurt etc) and vitamin D rich foods (salmon, eggs)
Healthy Eating Tips for children:
    • Focus on fruits and veggies
    • Mix it up: use a variety of foods
    • Avoid processed foods
    • Move on from meat: try legumes, nuts, nut butters
    • Keep family meals media-free
    • Be role models for healthy eating
    • Invite friends over for a meal
    • Involve them in meal planning
Fortified Foods for the family
    • Worldwide, more than 2 billion people have micronutrient deficiencies because they aren’t getting enough essential vitamins and minerals each day. Ghana also has serious deficiencies of vitamins and minerals, especially children.
    • Even if you are eating full meals, chances are that you are missing out on essential nutrients. Fortified foods like Royal Aroma Fortified Rice have added nutrients that help in meeting your nutrient needs