Royal Aroma Fortified Rice is the first and only fortified rice in Ghana. It is the same long grained, fragrant rice from Vietnam but it now has added nutrients: Iron, Zinc and Vitamin B3, B6, B9 and B12
It looks and tastes the same but now has added goodness!

Our body needs many micronutrients to function well. Any deficiencies in these nutrients impact mental and physical well-being including mental impairment, poor health, low productivity and even death.

Royal Aroma Fortified has been fortified with Iron, Zinc and Vitamin B3, B6, B9 and B12. These nutrients have health benefits: everyday strength, improved immunity, healthy heart and sharper brain. They are particularly important to pregnant women and growing kids. The added nutrients are more than 15% of RDA (recommended dietary allowance) requirement in a single serving (200gms) for an adult.

Hence the Family will now be More Active, More healthy and will be more immune to diseases.

The nutrients in Royal Aroma Fortified Rice have been embedded inside the rice. They do not get washed away, rubbed off or cooked out. They remain intact even after you boil the rice. Hence every mouthful of Royal Aroma Fortified is filled with goodness the added nutrients.
Royal Aroma Fortified Rice has been approved by the FDA. This has been possible only after sharing lab test and other reports proving that the claimed benefits are real. We have also done tests that prove that the nutrients remain intact even after cooking. The FDA license number is printed on the pack.

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